Roon TUI: A Roon Remote for the terminal - New: Zone Presets (v0.3.1)

Edit: Just looking for the latest release? Click here

I’m working on a Roon Remote for the terminal. It is in early development so I’m looking for some frequent terminal users who are able to built from source (instructions provided), might the need arise.

Prebuilt binaries are available for Linux (tested on Ubuntu) and Windows (untested).


I would love to get some feedback on this. More information can be found on GitHub.


Hi @Jan_Koudijs

You may have fulfilled my terminal geekiness.

Roon in terminal = paradise.

Just intalling now and will see how how it goes.

Looking good. Thank you. :grin:

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On my phone, not ideal. On a laptop or desktop it’s cool.

Thank you :+1:

Yeah, on a phone or tablet you might be better off just using the Roon Remote. The laptop or desktop is really the use case I had in mind when developing this, especially for Linux, which is lacking an official remote. For Linux it is now the third option besides the Wine solution and the Web Controller.


Hello Jan,

I know hardly anything from Linux, but was able to follow your guidelines and create and run roon-tui under Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

My Roon core runs on a Nuc+Rock(build 1299).
Roon-tui does not find my core, so is there a config file or an option to add startup params?

(Roon webcontroller on same Ubuntu PC runs fine, extensions live on an old RPI2_+ dietPi)

Hi @ger_tielemans,

I just added a critical step to the README file of the project:

Authorizing Core Access

On first execution the outside border of the UI will be highlighted without any views active, this indicates that pairing with a Roon Core has to take place. Use your Roon Remote and select Settings→Extensions from the hamburger menu and then Enable Roon TUI.

If Roon TUI is not in the Extensions list then there might be a firewall that is blocking access.


Hi Jan –

Managed to compile on ARM64 (Debian in Parallels VM on macOS). Running like a charm:

Me like!

For future development: I’d love some sorting options for the Artists and Album browsers (release date, last added, most played, etc.). Hey – a man can dream… :wink:

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Unfortunately, no luck with Ubuntu 23.04 …

Similar result with prebuild binary, and if I compile.

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This happened a couple of times for me. I rebooted my ssh terminal app on my phone and it worked again.

And removed the extension.

Started again and enabled in the extension tab.

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Same results after a reboot, and no extensions found under Roon > Settings > Extensions. :frowning:

Hmm, happening to me persistently now.

Re-ran this

Now working again

I think a chromebook or similar is my next purchase :wink:

Click on view next to authorisations. Then remove :+1:

There’s a “No extensions discovered message” displayed, and under View, “No authorized extensions”.

I recompiled, and it’s the same.

Going to try native rust and cargo using APT …

Same results. I’ll try on my Ubuntu 22.04 box tomorrow.

Ah! yes, just checked. I’m on 22.04.2 LTS Ubuntu Server.

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Compiled and running on a Raspberry Pi 3 running DietPi :+1:t3:


sudo apt install build-essential

Thank you @Jan_Koudijs . If only I had not deleted my initial Roon user profile years ago — it would be nice if the API understood profiles.

The sorting options that are provided by the Roon API can be found in Explore->Settings->Display Settings, unfortunately only name sort for artists and composers. This is more of a Roon API feature request :slight_smile:

It does, in the same Settings menu you can select a profile, if you then start something to play that profile will be used.

Do you have, by any chance, two Roon cores in your setup? The error message seems to point to this. I haven’t been able to test the Rust port of the API with multiple cores.

I really have no need for this, but I LOVE that you did it.! :+1: