Roon unable to find new software after computer sleep/wake (ref#9W7A54)

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No, what I meant was that

  1. turn off music
  2. quit Roon
  3. put computer to sleep
  4. wake up computer
  5. bring up Roon
    Results in Roon looking for a new piece of software, Roon server, which is new in your installation, and not being able to find it unless I do a complete restart. Very annoying

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3.3 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon W; 96 GB 2933 MHz DDR4; OS: 14.2.1

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 Wireless Music System

Home Network Details

FIOS Ethernet; 900mbps

Which version of Roon are you running?

You may know that release 2.0.26 split the formerly single ‘app’ into Roon Server, which is self-standing and runs independently; and Roon Client, the equivalent of the old ‘Roon’.

Could an update process which you started but perhaps did not finish, or have yet to apply, be causing this?

If you do have the latest version (and the very latest build was released on 2024-01-10), what happens if you actually restart your Mac? If you have Roon Server in your login items, and then restart (as opposed to sleep and wake) that may start the necessary processes.

Another user here, trying to work with the sparse info given …

If you just close Roon remote GUI, the server part is still running as you could probably see in the Finder bar (hope it’s the right term - I’m not using a Mac).

Now, from many, many posts to be found in the forum we know that Roon server does not gracefully handle the PC being put into sleep/standby, so you need to stop Roon server from Finder before going to sleep.

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