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You have all my details
Sadly Roon not working at all
Just says… waiting for remote core
Have switched everything on and off numerous times
No luck
Can you access it from your end

Mike, the community may be able to assist you. Can you provide information on what platform your Core is running, and if you are seeing this issue directly on the Core or from a Remote (and what type of Remote is seeing this if that’s the case)? Additional information on your network could also be helpful.

Many thanks but I am so what technically inept.
All I know is it’s a Meridian 210 streamer. We have talked before which is why I thought you would have my details.
I control it through an iPad but neither this nor the iPhone is working although Tidal still functions on the phone.
On the 210 there is a blue light on the left indicating Netbis on
But nothing else
Hope this helps

Michael, I’m just a fellow user and do not work for Roon, and not knowledgeable on the Meridian 210. I read its spec sheet and it appears that this is only a network streamer. Do you have a computer that is operating as your Roon Core to which the Meridian would then connect over your network?

Roon needs a computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, an Intel-based NUC, or Roon’s own Nucleus version of the NUC) to basically act as the central brains for your library. Without something operating as a Core, Roon does not work.

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Hi Robert
Many thanks
What you wrote triggered a thought….now sorted. A power surge had shut down the Innuous
Take care

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If not I will do no harm to restart everything from scratch. Power everything down, network as well the progressively restart each component waiting until each one starts before moving on …

Reboot :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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