Roon Unresponsive with Processor Spikes and Memory Leaks (ref#QPXT8R)

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· I am experiencing freezes or crashes

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Roon unresponsive, Processor Spikes, Memory Leaks

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Ethernet 1GB Hardwired only

There are many related complaints in the forum at the moment probably going around the same problem. Roon is unresponsive, playback stops or zones are unavailable at some times. Memory usage is growing at the same time. I was discussing this in other threads but I am moving it to the official support now, as support does not monitor them.

After starting Roon, things are usually fine for 24 hrs or so. Suddenly, Roon system gets busy 4 times an hour, at the same minute of the hour. I logged the increased processor usage, please have an eye on the timings.

Every time these spikes happen, you will find around 300 corresponding entries in the Roon_log as such:

Deleting the local library seems to solve the issue.

Thanks for having a look at it.

Roon is running on Windows 11 Professional, Intel i5-14500 14 Cores, the local audio files are on the same machine.

Hi @Andreas_Bruehwiler,

Thank you for your post. The team is investigating this case and will respond shortly with more actionable steps and conclusions.

Are you still looking at this? Newest version of Roon did not solve the problem.

Hello? Anybody out there? Is this indeed your support for Lifetime Memberships? Mediocre.

Hello @Andreas_Bruehwiler ,

Apologies for the slow response here. We’ve activated an additional diagnostics mode for your account, can you please restart your Roon Server app (in taskbar) twice so the new mode gets picked up? Next when you notice the app become unresponsive, can you please let us know the exact local time + date of the failure so that we can review the logging? Thanks!

Thanks noris, for taking care of. Please find a short excerpt of the events, there are many more:

Events usually start at minutes 10, 25, 40 and 55 of the hour. Roon remains then unresponsive for 1 - 2 minutes and memory usage grows.

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Thanks for the information @Andreas_Bruehwiler , I’ve forwarded this to the team for closer review, will let you know once we have more details to share.

Hi @Andreas_Bruehwiler,

Thank you for your continued patience. Our team is attempting to reproduce this using the information you’ve provided so far. If you have the misfortunate of further reproducing the issue in the meantime, please provide an approximate timestamp of the event here. This should help expedite our investigation. Thank you!