Roon update 880 or DSM 6.2.4

Hello. My NAS is to old for DSM 7. Nas will not update roon to 880. What to do?

Hi Karl & welcome!

Can you share which model of Synology you have and how you are currently running the Core (as a package I presume, but any details would be helpful).

Can you run docker, and if so is that an option for you to get the most recent version of Roon running? This is obviously a bit more effort, but works wonderfully for me and many others. I however am running on DSM7 and a 918+. While the below thread is oriented specifically towards DSM7, I was running fine previously on DSM6, and I’m sure searching the forums for “docker synology” will find you useful threads on hire to set up and the individuals who are running the projects are usually very happy to help.

Good luck!