Roon update B756 fails on Mini-M1

Core Machine

I just moved to the new Mac mini, Did an Apple Data Move to get all my apps over. Roon sees there is an update, but when I ‘relaunch’ it quits, I see the Roon icon flash a second in the tray, and it never opens. When I manually launch, it still thinks the update is needed. How do I get the Mac mini M1 updated to the latest build? Thanks!

Don’t use the Apple tools to restore Roon.

Perform a new installation and then restore the Roon database from a Roon DB backup (taken from your old Roon Core machine).

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Hi @Craig_Danuloff

Carl is correct — We recommend against using Apple Migration Assistant, Time Machine, or other 3rd party backup solutions when it comes to Roon. You’ll want to restore a Roon backup and then things should work for you.

Thanks. Installed over ROON with new copy from website - solved. Thanks.