Roon update didn't finish and NUC doesn't boot

I have a similar issue. I’ve run Core on a i5 NUC with Debian for a long time. All updates including 505 was good. I did 511 the same way via a Android remote. Roon update never finished and now the NUC doesn’t boot properly. I can no longer log in to the NUC with SSH. It’s bricked. I have not yet connected the NUC to a monitor to see what is going on.
Anyone with an idea what is going on?

Hi @ogs,

This aspect seems like it could be a system-level issues if you’re not able to SSH into the machine.

This is probably the next best step, do let us know if you are able to gather more information that way.

I agree it could, but is is difficult to know for sure. I was actually logged in on SSH when I updated to 511. When the update of Roon failed (waited 15 minutes) I did a reboot from SSH CLI. After this I could not log in via SSH any more and could not connect to Roon Core.
I’m going away for a couple of weeks now so I’ll get back to this mid January.

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@noris It was a changed UUID for the USB disk with music files that prevented proper boot. The disk had been connected and working for a long time, but for some reason it’s UUID changed during the upgrade. Being mounted via fstab the OS tried to access the disk and ended up at a maintenance root login.
mount -a listed the invalid UUID and deleting it from fstab fixed it.

Hi @ogs,

Thanks for the update here, glad to hear you were able to locate the source of the issue to the invalid UUID and have been able to resolve it!

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