Roon update probkens

I updated my Roon Core this morning then the app on my phone. Seemed to work to start with but couldnt bring up the list of internet radio stations. Now the app wont launch in my phone - just hangs with the screen saying roon on a black background.

My playback device is still connected to the core but I cant control it

Checked network and theres no issue there as far as I can tell. Seems to be an app issue?

Any advice?

I had the same problem, but now Live Radio works again. I wondered about the emphasis on first updating the app and then the core. I inadvertently did it in reverse order, as you did, but it hasn’t caused any problems so far.

Hi @samg

Do you have any other remotes? Do they exhibit the same issue?

If you restart the phone is there any change?

Can you provide some details on your Core and remotes?


Thanks for the replies - all running fine now.

I had actually done the phone app before the core - so the right sequence rather than what I had posted originally.
Anyway, powered everything down again - and running abs fine on power-up on all remotes and another auto update came through the phone remote.

Thanks again for the replies. Enjoying the “new Roon” :slight_smile:

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