Roon Update Problem (lost audio zones)

Hi, I’m running with a Nucleus + which was working and seeing all of my zones until today’ automatic 1.8 update. After the update installed my roon core no longer sees my older Sonos Connects (which in my house is about 8 zones) - it still sees the newer Sonos Port zones. Is this a known issue? Will I now need to update all of my Sonos connect zones? I tried rebooting the nucleus - no change.

Some people have reported they had to reduce the number of Sonos zones to less than 7 to get Roon to see all the remaining zones.

Thanks, that would be a problem for me (high class problem) as I have as I have 26 Sonos zones here - although I only intend to use 4 for roon. Right now roon only sees 4 of the zones (and only 1 of the zones I would intend to use roon for).

In my system there are 8 Sonos devices and 3 Auralic devices. In the settings, all devices are also visible and activated.
However, the Auralic devices do not appear in the device selection. Only after deactivating some Sonos devices (below 7) a corresponding number of Auralic devices appear in the player selection.

Thanks, I only have 1 device enabled currently - it sees 3 of my Sonos zones (the only ones that are ports) - it sees none of my older connect zones (non enabled) and it sees 3 Apple TV’s and a chromcast on another tv (non are enabled) - it doesn’t “see” (so I can’t enable) any of my older Sonos connect zones. Since I could see many of them before the update, I’m suspecting that the new software is not comparable with the older Sonos connects.

I think Roon updated Friday when I opened it on an iPad. Roon core runs on a late 2012 Mac Mini. Prior to Friday, USB direct from the Mini to an Ayre QB-9 DSD worked flawlessly. Since Friday, Roon does not find the QB-9. I reinstalled an ultraRendu that receives Ethernet and sends USB to the QB-9, but Roon still does not find the QB-9. Roon does find the Ayre QX-5 Twenty upstairs that is controlled by Roon bridge running on an iMac. What’s the likely problem and fix?

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