Roon Updates - I encounter challenges everytime

I am not a technologist when it comes to Roon. I subscribe for its ability to manage my digital files and the ease of streaming either Qobuz or Tidal. I have a 4 year old MAC mini as my core and use a PS Audio Nuwave DAC that is hooked up to my system. I am pleased with the sound, but cringe with when an update is pushed out. Being a headless core, I either share screen with my MacBook or use my iPhone to manage Roon. For reasons I don’t understand, when I have an update pushed, I click on update all systems and then all hell breaks loose and the system usually crashes; either it simply does not work or it does not recognize my audio source. I battle it; and eventually i get everything to work. But it is a process, every time. Any suggestions?

I would suggest you move this to the #support channel and follow their guidelines for the provision of information.

I find your situation unusual. I have been using Roon since 2016 – briefly running on a Synology NAS then on a sonicTransporter. I have never faced the issues you described.

I am also a Mac user (one of my Roon remotes is on my MacBook Pro), and I cant’s think of why you would face such issues.

But the usual questions need to be answered:

  1. What MacOS version are you running?
  2. How much free storage space do you have left on your drive? And is you music library stored on the Mac Mini or on an external or NAS storage?
  3. How much RAM do you have installed?
  4. Is the Mac Mini dedicated to Roon Core or do you have other software and services running off of it? Are you running VPN or Anti-virus software?
  5. How many albums are (physically) stored in your local library? How many albums have you added to your library from Qobuz or Tidal?
  6. You said the “system” usually crashes – do you mean the MacOS crashes? If so, that might be an indication of something wrong at the Mac Mini level (out of memory, damaged operating system, damaged hard drive or defective RAM). [My MBP crashes more than it should, but I run a ton of applications on it simultaneously and as a result have not been able to figure out the cause. Although the OS, SSD, and RAM all seem fine.]
  7. You mentioned that you are eventually able to get it to work – can you describe what you need to do to get to that point? That might give a clue of what is wrong.

Agreed, I’ve moved it over.

Hi @Jeffrey_Mead,

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup and the nature of the issue using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they have a clear understanding of how your devices are connected.

thanks for the constructive input. My conclusion is that my issues are attributable to how my Roon core is set up. Because of inherent wiring in my loft and where my system is placed in my loft, my Core is connected to the internet via wireless. I believe that is an oft-repeated “no-no.” And this configuration is asking for trouble. This only occurs during a Roon update, so I’ll deal with the inherent limitations of my connection. I sure wish wireless did not represent the challenges that it does to Roon. Maybe an update in the future to remove this issue is on the horizon? Thanks again.

Hi @Jeffrey_Mead ,

Did anything go wrong after today’s update?

Mesh-style networks like Orbi, Eero, Velop have the added advantage of a mesh backhaul. You can use one of these systems and then connect the Core via Ethernet to minimize the potential issues.

Hi @noris - thanks for the reach out! I recently set up a mesh network. I am using NetGear equipment. This has eliminated any “drops” once the app is up and running. Insofar as updates which get pushed out, I use my iPhone to interface with my Mac Mini Roon core. And so when i go to update Roon via the Roon app on my iPhone, once I click on update, I immediately get the “lost connection” message. I get the same message when I go onto my MacBook and screen share with my Roon core (MAC mini). Still trying to get Roon back up.

@noris - follow up message; the update is complete and Roon is working. My question is, does an update take time to upload? Should I do the update directly on my Core, vs. using my remote app on my iPhone. Perhaps this is part of my problem?

Just a few thoughts about my approach for any updates.
When I see the notification below in Roon, I just close it and do not click on “Update All”.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-12 um 15.53.44

All devices in the “About” section are set to “Ask before downloading any updates”

This prevents any updates to be installed automatically.
Next, if an updated build requires an update of the remote app, I will check if the updates for my remote devices (e.g. iPhone or iPad) are available in the App Store.
Only, if these are available, I will update the apps on my mobile devices and after that install the update on my ROCK.
For good measure, I usually restart the ROCK.
With this approach, I have never run into any problems with an update. And it prevents a scenario where e.g. the Core/Rock is already updated but the updated remote apps are not yet available in the App Store.

@mlandau nice! very logical in approach and explanation. I am NOT doing it the way you outlined and will do so going forward. Thinking since I am using my remote app and clicking “update all” that could be screwing things up. Thanks for the advice!!

Hi @Jeffrey_Mead ,

This is expected behavior when doing a Roon Core update, as long as it’s working the other times, it is not worrying.

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