Roon updates stalling with no progress

Core Machine
Intel Nuc NUC10I7FNHN
Roon Core 1.8 (build 943)

Remote iMac OS
Roon version 11.8 (build 952)

Router tp-link AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router

The only way I am able to update Roon on my remote iMac(s) is to dump roon and the the database and download the Roon desktop app again. It will not just update through the app, as it just gets stuck installing and the install bar does not move.

It happens every update, which is annoying.

The core is worse and random, with this latest update I am as of now unable to get it to install.

I have restarted and rebooted the NUC many times. Set new IP and DNS addresses, turned off firewalls etc. Nothing as of the moment works. It’s been a continual issue, this latest update has me completely stumped.

This is not a Nucleus…moving to the normal support thread

What OS are you running on the NUc? Rock? Windows?

It’s a Rock.

Will not progress past this

As mentioned above, the issue is not just the core alone, the 2 remote iMacs I’m running will not automatically update, I have to dump Roon and its complete database and reinstall. But at least I can get them updated, the Rock core just won’t budge.

In the web gui click reinstall….or try a reboot first.

You might want to check the router and add DNS entries for and or

This should work - reinstall on ROCK web-UI will reinstall OS + Roon Server (latest version).

I did reinstall ROCK and it did not install the latest software and the update still didn’t install.
Randomly after rebooting many, many times, praying and handstands it worked.
Next time I’ll try the changing DNS on the router.

Thanks for your help!

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