Roon upsampling with KEF LS50 wireless II speakers

Roon Core Machine

I am using the roon desktop app on an apple macbook pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

streaming from roon app and tidal app on my phone and desktop to KEF ls50 wireless II speakers

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

200 tracks

Description of Issue

when playing a MQA file (e.g. MQA 48kHz) on either roon or tidal app through tidal connect, the signal path is saying that it is staying as 48kHz. The KEF LS50 wireless II speakers come equipped with the MQA decoder and renderer, so i was just curious if it is supposed to be upsampling those tracks after MQA decoding (88kHz or 96kHz) or the first unfold.


Can you post a pic of the signal path as that may give some clues.

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That looks correct, the original file was only a 48k file. How and what you see after the music is handed off to the KEF, depends on how/what KEF is choosing to report back to Roon. If Roon is doing the Decode step, Roon shows you what it is doing at the step.

Ah ok, thats what I suspected, but just wanted to make sure.

Thanks so much!

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