Roon Using Different Cover Art

Many of us have several versions of albums like Kind of Blue. Using different cover art is an accurate and easy way to distinguish between the versions.

With Roon using it’s own selected cover art I can no longer distinguish between albums easily. For example, when viewing a Miles Davis album and the long list of his other albums appears down the right side of the screen, there is no possible way to distinguish between the versions.

Manually updating albums could be pretty painful, especially after many of us have already done this and embedded the art into the file and/or are using folder.jpg.

Is there a way to tell Roon to use the cover art I’ve already selected and only get it’s own art when I don’t have anything?

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We are adding a prefer local metadata option very shortly.

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You can also try the “Edit Album Version” which is under the Pencil in the bottom right hand corner of the coloured part of the screen

This Field is designed to allow the User enter “Version” information for the Album in question…examples could include Mono Remasters; 2013 HDtracks Remaster; APO Remaster etc., etc.,

This Version info will then be displayed under the Album Cover in the detail screen…as well as in the “Other Versions of this Album” dialog

To change the Cover for a particular Version, click on the “Edit Album Cover” under the same pencil icon mentioned above

This will display several Cover Art options…as well as allowing the User to drag and drop a particular cover for that particular version

Also Chris, note that we don’t throw away the user’s cover art when we get a metadata match. We use the highest quality art available, as long as we’re confident it’s the front cover. This ensures huge scans of the back of the LP don’t end up in the album browser.

When the art we find is higher resolution than what’s in the directory or embedded in the file’s tags we use that, but the user’s cover art should still be available under the pencil icon, assuming it was picked up according to our other cover art rules. Those are detailed here.

Let us know if that addresses your case!

Thanks Mike. This is a difficult area because 95% of my albums will work great using the highest resolution cover art available. It’s the other 5% with special album art that will be a painful manual edit.

I like that the covert art I previously embedded or included as folder.jpg is available through the UI.

You’ve probably got the best solution to the issue.

Good to hear, Chris! We spend a comically long time thinking about details like this, so I’m always interested to hear about use cases we may have missed.