Roon V1.8 (build 831) - iOS Devices Can't Find Core [Resolved]

Just upgraded my Mac Mini core to the latest Roon version (1.8 (build 831). I updated the apps on an iPhone 12 and new iPad Air. Neither iOS device can find the core. Have a fix yet? My system is dead.

Thanks - Joe

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Hey @Joe_Whitney

Thank you for reaching out to us about this. It’s good to see you again, we’re sorry you hit a snag with your remotes after the update.

Can you please check to ensure that your permission settings in the Roon app are configured to allow access to your local network as described in this article from our help center?

If this setting is still configured correctly, please restart your Roon Core and affected remotes and see if they will connect successfully after restarting.

Please let us know if either of these fixes help you, we’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Hey Jamie - thanks for reaching out so quickly - know it must be a busy time for you guys. Double checked both iOS devices and they are enabled for network access. I restarted the too. Core just in case and still can’t connect. Let me know if you have other ideas.

I put a support ticket in with all my system details.



Are you on WiFi and not on a guest network? Seems with iOS possibly being updated and released in the last few days maybe something jumped ship?

Good call on the guest wireless however that doesn’t / didn’t seem to be the problem. The core is hard wired on Ethernet and I do not have a guest network (only one wireless ssid in the house).

Having said that, oddly enough this morning everything connects perfectly. The core and both my iOS devices were powered on all night. Magically they connected without issue this morning - no changes made.

So - can’t explain it but I do really appreciate the fast response and help from you! Hopefully this was a blip and I stay stable now.

Thank you - Joe


Hey @Joe_Whitney

Thank you f or the update! I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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