ROON V2.0 - backups faling

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approx 5.000 only

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Automatic and manual triggered backup(s) failing - ROON seems to generate backup to 100% then immediately generates error message “Backup failed at 7:15.40 / Error backing up database”

Nothing changed since V1.8, backups all there, also manually started ones. After V2.0 update now those failure messages.

PS: My NUC usually showed a blicking LED when accessing its SSD, this no longer happens at V2.0 (??)

Have you got sufficient space on your backup device (and what is the location)?

Yes, have plenty of space. Found it: If I create a new backup directory and have it write the backup there, it works. ROON V2 DOES NOT WRITE A V2 BACKUP TO THE OLD V1.8 PATH!!

I have now created a new Automatic Backup to that new V2-Path and deleted the old V1.8-Path.

Odd, I’ve not had to change my Backup path since switching to 2.0, and this is the first time this issue has been reported. What is the backup device that you are using?

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A high speed USB3.1 256GB USB-Stick

Hi @Dr_Klaus_Schmitt,

We escalated this to our engineering folks and it looks like your USB-stick is failing. The error below is a common indication of trouble:

ErrorText=System.IO.IOException: Input/output error

I would ensure you have a copy of the prior backups and obtain a new drive for your backups. I would add that we don’t recommend USB flash drives because of their propensity to fail.

My preferences, not to be take as the gospel are as follows:

  1. An external drive that can be easily moved around.

  2. Drive must me SSD to prevent noise pollution in my listening environment.

  3. Well known and respected branding.

I wish I had better news but the GOOD news is that you’re ahead of any potential loss of data.


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