Roon V2 broken on Euphony OS before it starts

Roon Core Machine

Dedicated fanless PC with Ryzen 3600 processor, 16GB RAM, Euphony OS with embedded Roon Core. Updated to latest build to ensure Roon V2 compatibility

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Huawei WS7200 WLAN Router, Ethernet cable direct to PC

Connected Audio Devices

USB connected Meridian 218 controller

Number of Tracks in Library

about 10,000 - but as I can’t see them any more I’m not sure.

Description of Issue

Upgraded to Roon V2. Tried on PC, iPad and Android Phone
Does not see any Audio Devices
Does not see any music (although pointing at correct folder and shows music when selecting folder)
Rebooted PC multiple times, re-installed client multiple times. identical symptoms on all devices.

Please fix what is currently a useless system - quickly.

Wondering if Roon will address problems with Core running from within Euphony OS.

Maybe asking Euphony for assistance is also a good idea. You might need an updated Euphony release.


First thing I did was consult Euphony’s excellent support. They have upgraded to be Roon V2 compatibility. Nothing else they can do, so I hope Roon fix or work out how to downgrade to working version.

Is there anyone in Roon Support to advise on this issue?
Euphony agree there are issues with Roon V2 and are kindly investigating if they can find work around, but Roon should acknowledge imperfect system and fix, and preferably fully test before releasing major upgrades.

Looking at community there are a lot of frustrated users with broken systems due to upgrade.

Partners were informed of the upgrade well in advance to prepare their own devices and it is up to them to contact Roon for help, if needed.

You and I have a very different idea of what constitutes excellent support. If you are on their platform then they should investigate and they should raise it with Roon on your behalf if it is not theirs to fix.

I don’t think that Euphony are Partners of Roon Labs - they don’t appear in the Partners list?

Yeah I asked who are core partners but the support team didn’t know and were going to ask the partner team.

This release has been relatively smooth, especially considering that it was major update. I’ve witnessed a lot worse.

We do not publish a list of core partners anymore as the program has been deprecated for some time. There are a number of manufacturers who have been grandfathered in and we continue to work with them to support our mutual customers. Euphony is on this list.

We provide partners with advance notice of changes and advance copies of software so that they can test updates against their products. It is clearly stated that it is the partner manufacturer’s responsibility to test Roon’s changes against their platforms and inform us of any issues prior to release. There are simply too many permutations of hardware and software for use to test every possible combination prior to release.

To date I’m not aware of any contact from Euphony regarding issues with Roon 2.0. On Linux-based platforms the changes which would have had a startup impact were minimal and to date we’ve seen no reports (aside from this one) of any issues.

I’m very sorry that you are having issues here, but based on the information supplied this is clearly an issue with the way that Euphony OS is providing communication-related services to Roon. This is fully outside of our control and is something that Euphony will need to work through. We are happy to assist, but there is little that we can do otherwise.