Roon very slow with Tidal and Qobuz

Mine is still working OK after I logged off Tidal and rebooted yesterday (still logged off Tidal).

Hi Dylan
Overview page:9 sec
Discover page :35 sec
Search The Beatles:8 sec
Open The Beatles:8 sec
Open Help album: 5 sec
Start playback of Help :8 sec
Search Daft Punk:10 sec
Open the Random acces Memories album: 7 sec
Start playback of Random acces Memories : 22 sec
But i need to say that i am lucky because all this is fast
Is changing,more slow,then i reboot,Log out Tidal.then little bit faster
Hope this can help
Regards and good luck for all the team

PS :The secondes is mesure with the iPhone

Thanks, @Patrickvm. Passing the above along to the team for their investigation.

One last thing for now — Can you confirm that your Roon database is stored on an SSD and what CPU it uses?

Yes is SSD👍
The CPU i dont now,the server is reference flow (audioaanzee)

Today i log out Tidal and Qobuz and all works fine now

Is this been identified as a general issue by Roon, or is it only a few users that has issues running Tidal and Qobus at the same time?

I have the same issues, running both Tidal and Qubuz slows things down. Log out of one of them or both speed things up again…

Even the sound is better without Tidal and Qobuz
Only with my own librairy

Not possible to play from Qobuz from Devialet or RPi, been over 24 hours since last restart for Roon.
Did a restart and I can play again. Any new feedback on this?

I do have the same problem. Especially searching for a title can take forever.

Same probleem here, search takes half a minute or more.

Same here. Seems to happen a lot on Saturdays and Sundays.

Same problem here, tried to add an album to my library.

Normally a restart fix this issue, not today.

I reported slowness last week, then it resolved. Now the slowness is back.

Another symptom at the same time is Tidal won’t sync. I go into Settings to the manual sync and it tries but does not sync.

I think this points to Roon backend servers for both Search and Tidal sync.

I’m also seeing very slow searches at the moment (I use Qobuz with Roon). Also, starting from the Artist browser, sometimes the Qobuz section doesn’t appear at all for an artist, or it takes up to 10 seconds to appear and be populated.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the trouble here, the team is currently investigating — I’ll be sure to keep you updated here once we have more info.

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Roon is slow today with everything, not just Tidal or Qobuz. For example, it takes a minute to get to Overview page, and sometimes it fails.

Please do. Search is basically unusable.

I am having the same issues reported here, as well. At the moment I am using Tidal and Qobuz. I a getting extremely long load times as well as the occasional “problem loading page” message in both the Mac as well as iOs Versions.

Ever since Qobuz went live, my Roon has been at a crawl doing anything Qobuz related, except streaming what is in my library. But searching, and adding to library are taking forever and ever.