Roon very, v e e r y, v....e... r... r... y slow to start win 7

This is not a huge issue as I rarely use my main PC for Roon but just in case there is some setting I can change.


Roon splashscreen starts up immediately but it takes nearly 2 minutes for Roon to actually open.
This only happens the first time I open Roon, if I close it and open it again it opens promptly just like on Win 10.

any ideas @support


Takes about 55 seconds for me (from a “cold” start) – it’s pretty much always been like that. I use my desktop 80% of the time to control/edit etc as my office is within my media room.


Don’t know…

I don’t use Tidal & my local library is ~13,800 albums & ~215k tracks

Mine takes a few mins… lib is 150K tracks doesn’t seem to make much difference what platform I’m on even ROCK NUC7i7BNH / Windows 10 i7-7700 - I seldom shut down my core other than for updates or if I need to physically recable things…its on a UPS too so even a short power outage won’t kill it. Lib is on a NAS

Just wondering, but once Windows is at its desktop from a cold boot, the network connection might not necessary have completed the handshake with the network. This is indicated by the circle on the monitor in your taskbar.


Now from a cold boot to the desktop and then launching Roon and this circle is still present, this would delay Roon from launching because of multiple reasons with regard to the network.

Now once the network is fully established, then the circle will disappear and your network will be up. Once the network is up, then Roon will not only start but when you close it and re-open it will re-open normal as it should.

Just a thought.

Well the PC that I’m referencing once was my Roon server so is still set up as core. I did a clean install and chose my other machine during set-up and now I have a speedy start-up of 10 or so seconds.


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