Roon WAN requirements

Hello, in some situations I would like to connect to Roon core running at home via openvpn running on iPhone .

I can see the communication between iphone and Roon core is working however it never connects (client still looking for server even when I specify IP address of server manually on the iphone).

I have also tried to NAT my client vpn connection so it would look like running directly on the LAN, but no change.

In tcpdump I can see client contact core via UDP packet and get UDP reply but nothing else happens.

Any ideas why this should not work?


This might be useful:

Thanks Daniel, but actually there is no solution in that thread neither.

Similarly like in that case I can’t see any issue on the network level (in case Roon fully conforms to IP standards).
I’m thinking that only difference with the VPN is smaller MTU, different TTL and possibly different SRC/DST addresses of IP packets than propagated (if even) inside the higher level layers of datagrams.

As it was requested in the linked thread, possibility of more detailed logging in Roon would be helpful to be able to sort out this issue.

VPN operation between core and remote is not currently supported by Roon. Some users have managed to get VPN connections working, but the Support devs aren’t available to investigate and resolve VPN issues.

I’ll shift your post to the Software section where other users may be able to assist.