Roon Web Controller works on localhost only

Have installed Web Controller 1.2.9 but it only works via localhost or t times out from any other computer on the network. EventGhost is running on the same Windows 10 system and that is accessible from anywhere. I have tried shutting EventGhost down but still no luck. Any ideas?

Just discovered Roon a few days ago and hope to subscribe by the time my 14 day trial is up. The only thing I would like to see is a simple “Party Mode” for Guests that may have had a few adult beverages and need a simple safe way to browse and add tracks to the queue. Hoping the Web Controller will fill that need.

Thanks for any help

Welcome @MorrMusic!

You probably have to configure the Windows firewall:

Now I feel dumb, should have thought of that last night.

Thanks for the quick reply, will try it once I got home.