Roon web display

When I try to use the Roon display feature (following these instructions) I only see the Roon logo. Here is my setup:

  • Roon Core on mac mini, wired to router
  • Roon Display in Safari/Chrome on Macbook Pro (wifi)

From Roon, I go to Settings > Displays and it says “No Available Displays”. I copy and paste the URL to Safari or Chrome and it shows just the Roon logo. The Roon Player still says “No Available Displays”

I do not see the displays icon:

Thanks @support

Has anyone successfully setup Roon Display? It looks like exactly what I want but I can’t get it to work.

Hello @wilro15,

It sounds like you might have a firewall active if there are no displays showing up under Settings -> Displays. Please use these instructions from Apple to verify that Roon is listed as an exception. I would also temporarily disable and Antivirus or Firewall blocking software and make sure that Chrome on the Macbook Pro is up to date.


I didn’t have a firewall but it has started to work anyway. Thankyou for your response.

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