Roon web server down or slow?

Again, as yesterday evenning: alblums do not load or loading extremly slowly - today it started around 16:30 UTC. My location is Germany.


It seems to be Roon. Qobuz web player loads fine.

It’s fubar has been most of the weekend. @support this is not good.

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This seems to happen every weekend over the pond.
Must be a server overload.
Or similar as no issues here in USA.
And usually never is even at evening or weekend.

I’m experiencing the same in the UK this weekend. Sometimes album artwork never appears however long I leave the album page open. It seems ok on my iPhone 13 Pro, so I guess my core is ok, but my iPad Pro 10.5” is really struggling. The artist page can be very slow to load too, although it does get there eventually.
I tried deleting and reinstalling the app on my iPad but that was no help at all.


It is working fine here in Eastern Europe.

Yep it’s becoming rather tiresome if I am being honest. This weekend it’s worse than ever. Not helped by the consistent lack of support over the weekends.


Oh, I have restarted my Router, network devices and all equipment several times because I thought this issue is caused in my network and/or system. Now I found this thread. Thanks! Now I can relax … :wink:

But it is really a annoying thing …


happens every time, roon seem to just keep asking what we are on about without acknowledging there is an issue.

Hey ho. Seems to be the way with most subscription models nower days.

Ive been using Roon all weekend in the UK without any issues…….

Am I correct in assuming that those reporting slow loading in Roon are referring to streaming albums not locally stored files?

No issues on the west coast of Canada Roon + Tidal + 30k local files.

It’s just slow period at loading metadata.

It has its times when it’s fine and then when it’s not it’s not persistent but it’s a continuing problem. It’s definitely the servers it’s happened before many many times and it’s always at their end. It’s always the same scenario some seemed to have it others not. It’s all about the timing of when your searching. It’s doesn’t affect playback other than being able to choose a song when it occurs.

My understanding is that metadata for local files is stored in the Roon DB accessed by Roon Core. No internet required at that point.

Same here and it started Friday. Seems to be a common occurrence lately during weekends.

Wonder if it’s related to Roon beginning to update Friday releases.

I think it’s probably something as simple as the weekend brings a much heavier load on servers due to vastly increased demand after the working week is over.

Might be a sign that the EU servers need some extra muscle :muscle:

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It’d not just EU it affects the west of the Pond as well I have seen others moan as well.

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It affects it all to some degree as it’s so tied to their cloud. But it should not be happening regardless.

This is my theory, plus the increased load of users over this period. What ever it is they need to sort it it’s just not good enough.


Well, it seemed to sort itself here for me a couple of hours ago. Both artist and album pages load really quickly again, as they were doing through last week.
I think I may start noting the times this happens more accurately.