Roon will not authenticate

Roon Core Machine

Antipodes D2
OS: V2.7

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

~30k tracks. 2.7tB

Description of Issue

On a restart of the Antipodes, Roon asked for user name and password. I input both. It could not authenticate, then queried whether I was connected to the internet. Little Roon symbol just keeps dancing, but no authentication, so I cannot use.
Needless to say I do have internet connection and know my User Name and password.
I have quit and restarted a number of times. The splash screen opens with the Roon symbol, quickly flashes to the Can’t find core screen, then back to just the Roon symbol.
Antipodes is doing remote online V3.1 updates tonight, so I would appreciate a quick reply.

If the Antipodes is running the Roon Core then get them to look at that side of things too…sounds like its the problem too.

You might need to wait until the v3.1 updates are all in place and then see what occurs.
I am planning on same v3.1 update myself this weekend.

Thanks for the responses guys. V3.1 loaded successfully, I still could not get Roon to connect even though this time it could see the Antipodes server.
I deleted and reinstalled Roon on my Mac (V12.01), restored from my backup and all worked!
Also had to uninstall and reinstall the phone app as well.
Hope the update works OK for you guys as well.


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