Roon will not backup to a USB drive in prep to migrate to a Nucleus

I have a brand new Nucleus Plus that I’m preparing to transfer my Core to. I’m trying to create a USB backup of the Core database to restore from on the Nucleus. But I’ve attached several USB drives to my iMac and in Roon : Settings : Backups I’m trying to Backup Now, but no matter which USB drive I have attached Roon says I’m not authorized to do that. The message is: "Error Loading Folder : Unauthorized - whenever I select any of the USB drives.

I can’t even create a folder from with Roon to store the backup. I even tried to reformat one of the drives from scratch to no avail. I cannot backup to any USB drives and thus restore on the Nucleus.

Where do I go from here? What would be the next thing to troubleshoot?


Well, you could create a backup location called Transfer on your hard drive and do a manual backup there. Then copy that folder using the Mac’s file manager to the USB key.

I ended up backing up to the iMac hard drive and this morning I’ll copy that onto a USB drive and connect it to the Nucleus.

I have the music files on a separate USB drive that will be the music source, connected to the Nucleus via USB.

Hi @Andrew_Thompson,

I just wanted to check-in and see how things are going with the Nucleus migration. If you have any questions about this please let us know!

Hi @Dylan The migration ended up working perfectly! Everything is working as it should be.


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