Roon will not load the files from my Cocktail Audio X45Pro

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Roon is on Mac

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Hardwired to computer and to Cocktail Audio X45Pro

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Description of Issue

I am brand-new to Roon. I am also not that computer savvy. When I loaded Roon it found my Cocktail Audio X45Pro on the Network. I did ENABLE the device and Roon does send music through the unit. Roon does NOT see all the music that is stored on the hard drive in the Cocktail Audio X45Pro. I thought it was a simple plug and play and that once I Enabled the unit Roon would download all the music on the unit. What am I doing wrong. Thank you

That will depend on WHAT format your music files are.
For instance Roon cannot read WMA files.

I think they are all FLAC

What does the storage path look like in settings:storage.?

For Roon to " find" music on other network connected drives it needs to be told where to look.
Which is where the settings: storage is possible the key here.

Hi, it’s not quite that simple, enabling the unit for audio play back does nothing with the stored music files, that takes a few extra steps.

There are two options:

  1. Setup a watched folder in Roon that points the shared network drive that’s inside the Cocktail.
  2. Have a copy of the audio files on the your Roon Core machine.

I’m not familiar with Cocktail Audio X45Pro, but it looks like it supports sharing of its internal drive to other devices on the network via “Samba Server/Client” … trawling the net for

Cocktail Audio X45Pro file share.

I found this …

I had managed to copy my music files on my PC over the network. To do that, I enabled in X45’s Network Settings Samba (might require additional information such as Workgroup name to enter), UPnP and FTF Services. Also, I disabled Local Services (TCP and UDP) in anti-virus software’s firewall settings.

When you turn on your PC, X45 appears not immediately but after a while under the Computer tab of Network Section with Computer icon. When you click on it, it will lead you to the HDD attached to X45 through LocalStorages.

Hope this helps.

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thanks…I’ll experiment

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