Roon Will Not Play on HomePod Mini

Roon Server Machine

Windows 10
Intel(R) Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

USW POE Switch
Roon PC is on ethernet and on my Media VLAN
HomePod Mini is on wifi via my iOt VLAN

Connected Audio Devices

All devices can’t connect through Roon app to HomePod mini. Including iphones and Macbooks.

Number of Tracks in Library

Just starting to tinker with Roon on a trial, so I only added 100 songs.

Description of Issue

When attempting to play music from the Roon app on my Macbook or iPhone, the play button switches to the pause button and then quickly back to the play button as if it cannot connect. I get no sound from the HomePod.

My network does feature multuple VLANs, but I know they are configured properly, considering my HomePod works on Airplay from every device via other apps like Spotify or Apple Music.

I have looked at the forums and tried disabling needing a password and I have my Home Settings adjusted to have my speakers available to anyone on the same network. I am at a loss after doing a reset of the HomePod, reinstalling Roon Server, and even rebooting my whole network multiple times.

This is a single HomePod Mini, not a paired situation or even trying to group it yet. I just want to be able to use Roon in my kitchen on this HomePod. I cannot change the VLAN the HomePod is on, so that isn’t an option. I just want it to work with Roon as it does with Airplay on all the other apps. Please advise because I really want to like Roon and get the paid version!

Roon doesn’t support using vlans or different subnets however there are those who manage to get thing working.

There may be some useful pointers in the tinkering category…

This is not a support issue as Roon doesn’t officially support VLANs so you won’t get an answer, so moved this to tinkering.

Do you have mDNS active ? Are the VLANS corporate networks or just VLAN only. I have Airplay and Chromecast play quite happily across vlans (cooperate separate networks) on my UniFi setup, I did find Airplay did tend to drop out with. IGMP snooping active though.

These are corporate VLANs and mDNS is active. IGMP Snooping is off for both networks in question. Airplay works well with all other apps in our Unifi environment. Just trying to crack this Roon nut.

Odd as it works for me currently in my UniFi system and nothings changed. Does it work via Roon to other airplay devices ok or you can’t get it to work at all.

Edit. I always tested from my mac to airplay device on another subnet not via Roon to a device on other subnet. No it doesnt work for me either but chromecast all work perfectly fine. As Roon doesn’t use system airplay as that would limit it to only working on macs they have their own code that reversed engineered it to allow them to send from any operating system. This must have a limitation to local subnet only. CC is the proper APi as it’s open unlike Airplay which is not.

Yes, AirPlay to other devices like my Wiim Pro via the Roon app on my Mac and iPhone works.

It is only an issue sending audio to the HomePod on the different VLAN. I read that the Wiim works as a Roon Ready device, only if it is on the same VLAN as the Roon server, so I am definitely choosing that setup versus making sure the Roon server sits on the same VLAN as the HomePod. Wish it wasn’t a choice.

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