Roon will not recognize new LampizatOr Baltic 3 DAC

I connected my laptop running ROON CORE to the LampizatOr Baltic DAC 3 and I cannot get anything to work.

I am trying to set up my LampizatOr Baltic 3 DAC running off a Dell Intel 7 Windows 10 laptop using Roon and Tidal. I cannot get ROON and my laptop to play via USB and will not recognize the DAC. I tried everything I know and cannot get this to work. The laptop was previously connected to my PS AUDIO DIRECTSTREAM and it was recognized by Roon. HELP

Have you installed the windows driver?

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I emailed JlSounds as I was not sure which driver to download. They said to dl the driver at:
Please use latest Thesycon driver - 4.82

Now when I go to Roon - Settings - Audio - This PC
I see tab for I2SoverUSB Audio Device.
But states “Device Initiation Failed”
I did “Retry”
But no luck.
I went to my laptop settings
Bluetooth and Devices - add a device - + Everything Else and still won’t discover the Lampi.
I forgot to add - my laptop runs Windows 11, not 10.
Don’t know what else to do other than buy a dedicated streamer, Roon Core, Aurender, etc.
Thank for all the help

have you rebooted the dac after installing the driver

Yes, I rebooted the DAC, rebooted the Laptop, did a search for any available windows updates, tried the USB connection in various slots, I tried the laptop settings to update the driver in Device Manager, I tried to "ADD a Device under the Sound tab for windows settings, I spoke with the Lampizator sales rep and tried disabling and Re-enabling the I2SoverUSB Device, but that failed.
The sales guy is going to reach out to the tech guy in Poland tomorrow.
I think I will have to buy a dedicated streamer, Aurender, Lumin Aurelic or a Roon Core.
Thanks again.

Use a different USB cable, to a different USB port if you have. Your laptop may also have different types of USB ports - try them, with appropriate cable.

If you have another computer, try it too.

I have tried 3 different USB cables.
Also, my laptop has 2 USB ports, tried both.
No luck.

Have you switched the DAC to USB input powering it on? Have you pressed the “ring button” in front of the DAC?

The one button, the ring button to switch inputs, I tried both settings, pressed in and out, while trying to troubleshoot on the phone with the Lampizator salesman.
No luck.

From its web page, I also see an input selector at the back. Please see if your unit has that or not. Your unit may well be different from the web photos due to the different possible customizations for this brand.

Other things to try is to use other players (instead of Roon) to play anything - perhaps Windows system sound / YouTube from web browser, or Tidal desktop app.

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There is an input selector knob in the back, but that is only for SPDIF, TOS and AES connections. The Lampi DAC automatically recognizes USB connections when the front button switch is pressed in.
I tried playing music from the hard drive in the computer, Tidal and Roon, but it only plays through the laptop speakers.

Also, I noticed you are affiliated with Lumin products. What is the difference between Lumin X1 Network Player and the U1 Network Transport? Looking at purchasing a dedicated streamer.

The USB DAC needs to be chosen in respective setup.

X1 has internal DAC and analog output. U1 has digital outputs only, for connection to an external DAC.

Exactly, unfortunately when I try to select it in Roon, it will not Initialize-Enable the device via USB.
It also will not selectable in the laptop settings as when I performed a search from the laptop, the DAC was not discoverable.

So then the model I need is the Lumin U1 since I already have a DAC.
Thank you.

If it cannot even play the Windows system or browser sound, something more fundamental needs to be solved first. Whether it’s a driver issue, OS issue, or even hardware fault such as transportation damage. I think you’ll need to further discuss with your dealer.


The laptop plays perfectly using my PS Audio Directstream as a DAC, receiving the signal from the laptop via USB while using Roon and Tidal, yet it won’t do the same thing using the Lampizator DAC.
I downloaded the drivers that the manufacturer instructed me to use. The laptop does recognize the I2SoverUSB driver now that I loaded the drivers, but the initialization fails.
I am waiting to hear from the DAC support in Poland to see if they have any other solution. Eventually I will buy a dedicated streamer.
I wish Roon had some sort of telephone support as this back and forth like this is time consuming and not very productive. Even when I initially set up Roon, I never felt confident that I had all the setting correctly in place. Spending $ on the software but no real support is not the way to get answers when customers have issues.
Thanks for your help.

I sent this to Auralic support:
I have an Aires Mini that I haven’t used in a while, it stays at my vacation home in the Keys.
I am having it shipped (Arrives Friday March 18th) to me because I bought a new Lampizator Baltic 3 DAC for my main stereo system and I haven’t decided to buy a newer streamer yet.
I will try it out with my new DAC.
I run Roon and Tidal.
I was using Tidal with an older Iphone to run the Lightning DS software to play Tidal.
Is there an Android software that will control the Mini?
Is there an upgrade to software, where I can use Roon with the Mini and/or the Android or Iphone (I do have a newer Iphone 12)
The DAC has USB, TOS, S/PDIF, AES/EBU connections, I am assuming the USB or the S/PDIF will be the best connections for improved sound.
I am debating on getting an Aires G1 or G2.1 also. Do they work with Android or just Apple products?

Their reply was:
AURALIC’s Lightning DS software is for iOS only, if you use Roon then you do not need to use our software. ARIES MINI works as RoonReady endpoint. You can contact Roon support to ask how to set it up if you are not sure what to do, it should be fairly easy inside their software.

Regarding connection type, you should try USB connection first, make sure you switch the output channel on your ARIES MINI since USB is not selected by default.

So my new question is, how do I set up and operate Roon on my Auralic Mini streamer?

So I have given up trying to use my Dell windows 11 laptop as a streamer with my new DAC.
I have an Aires Mini that I haven’t used in a while, it stays at my vacation home in the Keys.
I am having it shipped (Arrives Friday March 18th) to me because I bought a new Lampizator Baltic 3 DAC for my main stereo system and I cannot get my Dell laptop to work with the new DAC.
After researching some @support posts it appears that I have to connect another laptop (it has to be a mac or ipad or iphone (Auralic Aires Lightning DS apps only work with Apple products, of which I do not own, but may be able to borrow) to the Aires Mini.
The Roon software app is then installed on one of those devices to use as the Roon Core and then it plays through the Aires Mini as a streamer into the Lampizator DAC.
I forgot to include, the Aries Mini does have an SSD installed internally, so it does have room to add files, but I do not know if I can download the Roon or IOS Lightning app to this, I do not think it is possible to run the Aries without a Mac computer or an Ipad/Iphone.
Is this correct?

Hi @Federico_Macia ,

Since the Auralic is Roon Ready, all you would have to do is plug it in on the same network as the Roon Core and it should show up under Roon Settings → Audio.

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