Roon windows app interrupted playback

Roon Core Machine


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Draytek Vigor router / 1Gb switches

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PC toslink out to Argon dac to amplifier

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Description of Issue

I occasionally listen to FIP Radio (I have a 100Mbit glass fibre connection) or play local files in my office via the Roon windows app. Every few minutes playback is interrupted and resumed again. It’s annoying. It only happens with this PC. What process in Windows 10 could cause this? Is there anything I could change in my network settings, if the problem lies there? Or should I look to other possible causes? TIA

Hey @Leo_Reijnen,

Could you break down the setup around your trouble remote PC? How is it connected to your network compared to your Nucleus? Do you have any network switches in your chain?

I would first try hardwiring your PC directly to your router, and reboot both the router and PC, and let me know if your issues persist.

If they do, please take note of the date and time the issue occurs, and share that information here. Thank you! :pray:

Hello Ben,

Thanks for your swift response. I have a 4-port router (which is fed by a fibre glass cable), all ports occupied, two of them leading to 8-port Gigabit switches (the Nucleus is on one of them) and the troubled PC is hooked up on a secondary gigabit switch. I’m afraid I can’t connect the PC direcly to the router (other than for testing, which I will try) as I have TV set top boxes that require a direct link to the router . So, I will test and let you know.