Roon Windows PC won't start!


I’ve built a new Windows 10 PC and installed Roon on it, using a library backup (previous PC was running on Windows 7).
Everything has worked smoothly for the first 2 weeks. Now Roon is simply stuck on “logging in” right after I enter my email and password.

I would appreciate a speedy response, it has been like this for two days now.
I already reinstalled Roon but to no avail.


Hi, @Nick_Yanakiev, thanks for the report! May I kindly ask you please to clarify why do you have to enter your credentials once again since you’ve restored your library? Roon asks for email/password only once, when you’re setting up you library, and you said, that you’ve be running for 2 weeks with no problems already.



To be perfectly honest with you- I am not sure. It’s the first time I am being asked to enter my credentials since logging in the first time.

Did you purchase or maybe are you still on a trial account and it’s expired?

I’m on a two month trial so definitely not expired…

@Nick_Yanakiev, could you please follow the procedure described here, and send us logs from your Core? I’ll contact you via PM with more details.



Sure thing, thank you. I will do this tonight.