Roon with AMX / KNX

Hi all. Could someone with AMX / KNX home automation please help and share experience with controlling Roon via AMX / KNX?

Specifically, I would like to play Roon playlist / internet radio in particular zone by pressing (KNX) push-button on the wall. I have also AMX controller in the system which can address KNX actors and push-buttons.


It looks like KNX integrates with home assistant. I maintain a home assistant roon integration that works via the Roon API.

So using home assistant is one option.

Based on this thread I suspect there isn’t direct integration at this point.

I have a Philips hue button in one of my zones that plays a radio station when you press it - so at that bit in home assistant works!

Hi @Corben_D

I do not know much about KNX… is it possible to send an http request when pressing the button? If yes, you could use my Roon extension macro.on:

You could define macros like ‘play radio station in kitchen’ or ‘shuffle playlist in living room’ and execute these macros by sending and http request. Just an idea :wink: