Roon with Aries and Wadia 321

I’m running roon with an Auralic Aries as a Roon bridge. The core is on a MacBook Pro, version 1.4, and the Aries feeds a Wadia 321 via USB. Every time the sample rate switches, Roon hangs for 5-6 seconds and stops. I’ve tried multiple computers as core in this configuration, and same issue occurs.

The sample rate change does NOT cause dropouts if the Mac is connected to the Wadia directly, or if I use a different laptop, like a Surface Pro, as a Roon Bridge.

The problem specifically happens, and only happens, when using the Aries as a Roon Bridge.

The Aries in its default Lightning player mode handles sample rate switches fine as well.

I was wondering what I could do about it, since I specifically purchased the device as a Roon Ready Bridge to get my computer out of the listening room.


Thanks for the feedback @Jason_Lyman, the insight is appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Since noticing this behavior have you tried adjusting your “resync delay” settings on the Aries + Wadia 321 zone? “Resync delay” can be found by clicking the gear next to the desired audio zone, then selecting “device setup”, and then it’s the third item down in the “General tab”.


I did try that. Set the delay up low to high, no change in the behavior.

My ultrarendu, or surface pro, do not exhibit this behavior. Just the Auralic Aries.

I’d rather not sell it, since it sounds wonderful, and it’s Roon Ready. But, roon radio is awesome, until it stops because the sample rate changes between songs.

Hi @Jason_Lyman ----- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions, both are very appreciated!

Continuing forward, during your troubleshooting of this behavior have you by chance tested with another DAC mounted to the Aries? I know you mentioned that ultraRendu and SP do not exhibit this behavior and when the 321 is mounted to another device there is also no issues so I am curious how another device mounted to the Aries responds to sample rate changes.

Additionally, can you please share a screenshots of…

  • The signal path leaving Roon when you are using the Aries + 321 endpoint.
  • The playback setting being used in Roon for the Aries + 321 endpoint.