Roon with Melco is not working on my MacBook Pro (2019)

I am using a Melco HA-N1/ 2EX-H60. Roon is recognizing the Melco but the popup says “Not Certified”.

“Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet completed certification for this device. Contact your device´s manufacturer to find out when they expect this device to be certified for use with Roon.”

The German Melco Distributor told me, the certification is completed… and should work.

Hi @Detlef_Klein,

Roon’s support will follow this up for you, in the meantime can I suggest checking that the Melco’s firmware is up to date.

Also could you confirm the exact model you have, I can see Melco devices listed as Roon Ready on the Roon site but not quite the version you specified. It’s probably just a typo but may be significant.

Thanks for your reply…SW Version of Melco is up to date…4.04b
The model is N1A/2EX

…and in the meantime I got the information from Melco on Windows it’s working well

Thanks for the clarification…

It’s look like your Roon core is on Mac but that shouldn’t matter when communicating to Roon Ready devices.

Could you confirm what version of Roon core you are running and what the OS is?

This will help Roon’s @support team to provide the best advice / help to you.

Thanks again. MacBook SW Version is: macOS Catalin,
Version 10.15.6

Hello @Detlef_Klein,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you please try to restart the Roon app on your Core and verify if that helps?

This I did already…

@Detlef_Klein - Can you please try the restart once more? We’ve left a flag on your account to refresh the device cache and re-download it, please let us know if this helps.

ok…give me some minutes…

Wonderful…seems it ´s working now…really a great support. Thanks to all…SUPER


Hi @Detlef_Klein,

Glad to hear the reboot resolved the issue!
Do let us know if there’s anything else!

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