Roon with Node 2i

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Windows 10

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


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Bluesound Node 2i

Description Of Issue

I’m signed up for the Roon trial at the moment and lucky I did the trial first as it seems Roon has serious compatibility issues with the Node 2i. Look no further than this thread The Roon Ready Promise & the Case of the Bluesound 2i

That thread really summarises the issues I’ve experienced better than I can, so I’ll copy those relevant to be below:

  • Random Playback Stops. Playback randomly stops mid track.
  • No Audio from Bluesound. Roon shows the track is playing, no audio is produced. This can continue indefinitely with Roon progressing through a queue and indicating everything is playing normally with no audio from the
  • Audio Delayed Start. A request to start a track results in Roon showing the track has started, running perhaps 15 seconds or more until the audio suddenly starts ~15+ seconds into the track.
  • Audio Will Not Start. A request to start a track results in Roon showing the track has started and playing fine, but audio never starts from the Bluesound.
  • Extremely slow to start or switch tracks (>15 seconds).
  • Momentary Loss of Zone. The control unit flashes a message indicating the audio zone is gone and a minute or so later it reappears – typically requiring play to be restarted.
  • The above issues occur with sufficient frequency as to make the unit effectively unusable.

I believe this to be a compatibility issue between Roon and the Node 2i. My Node 2i when connected to Spotify, or via any streaming service via the BluOs app works flawlessly.

Do any Roon staff reply to this board?

I would like an official answer on whether Roon is fully compatible with the Node 2i because all I’m seeing is evidence that there are serious issues with it. Issues I am seeing by reading this board, and issues I am seeing myself with my device.

The silence suggests Roon overall is poorly supported by its staff and there is no way I am gonna blow $700 on this when it doesn’t even work.

Hello @D_W,

We’ve previously reached out to Bluesound’s technical team regarding reports of similar behavior from other users. They responded by saying that they’d have their QA team investigate and follow through with their development team if necessary. We continue to offer assistance and have an open line of communication with their development team.

It should be noted that many Bluesound 2i users do not report any issues with Roon Ready playback.

We believe that Roon Ready is the best way to stream music around your home, and its disappointing to us that you’re running into issues with your Node 2i. Bluesound has assured us that they are investigating all reports made to them and I suggest that you reach out to them directly. I will have our team reach out to them as well for an update on our previous discourse.


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