Roon with older PC


So, I have a 8-9 year old Dell PC. It runs the current version of (64 bit) Windows 10 well with no issues.

What’s the best guess if roon would work well on my PC?

I have yet to buy the software

I have an Intel Core 2 CPU

This link gives the minimum system requirements. If you run a lot of DSP functions, more horsepower would be required. Support might have more info, but this info should give you an idea of where you’re at.

It costs nothing to try, people are running quite happily on underpowered NAS devices so give it a go.
One factor that has an impact is your library size if it is huge then maybe not.

That page in the FAQ makes my teeth itch.

The question in the FAQ is “What are the minimum requirements?”.

It then goes on to describe “recommended” hardware and doesn’t answer the question.

Yes, it ia bit coy isn’t it ? Roon are proudly opinionated about some things but a bit delphic here. I think it’s because there is a broad range of solutions that provide an acceptable experience depending on Library size and DSP ambitions. Doesn’t stop people trying to run a 10,000 Album Core on an underspecced NAS.

I’ll see if it can be beefed up a bit.

There should be some guidance on what hardware will flat out not run. Iirc for example, hardware needs to have OpenGL support.

I suspect that page is community written based on something Danny said in a post years ago. The devs should really update it with what Roon will and will not definitively run on.

The OpenGL requirement is there, under the Windows platform.


Hi @Robert_Dugan,

As mentioned in the Knowledge Base article shared above, the requirements are:

Windows 7+ (10 recommended)

  • OpenGL 3.0 support is required to run Roon.
  • Media Packs are required for Windows Server 2012 R1/R2, or Windows N/K/NK

However, we recommend that you meet the following:

  • Intel Core i3, Ivy Bridge+
  • 4GB RAM
  • SSD boot drive

If you don’t meet the above recommendations there is a good chance you’ll experience performance issues, especially for larger libraries.

how can I determine if I have OpenGL 3.0?

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