Roon won’t connect to Apple TV

Roon Server Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All WiFi on my home network.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Only one album + Tidal as I am currently evaluating Roon.

Description of Issue

I have three Apple TV devices and I get the same results with each. They show up as “Roon Tested” devices under Roon settings. I receive the AirPlay password when I try to enable a device. However, the password does not go away after I enter it into the Roon app. When I try to play something to the now enabled device it stops immediately. Interestingly, a new AirPlay password is then presented on the Apple TV.

@anon12587189, on my ATV 4K, I have AirPlay set to:

  1. Anyone on the Same Network
  2. Required Password On
  3. Then my password I set up for that specific ATV

I have found that creating an ad hoc password for each use does not always work or leave enough time before the password changes.

That worked! Thanks.

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