Roon wont allow the managing of audio devices or recognize usb sources

Roon Core Machine

  • Windows 10
  • i9 - 10900
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • Roon 2.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Company Ethernet into the computer, audio rig is attached via USB to roon core. No secondary network devices.

Connected Audio Devices

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

None, tidal streaming only.

Description of Issue

Roon will not open the “audio” tab under settings (see screen shot below) or recognize any audio devices. Plug in audio devices can still be used as audio output in windows. This issue began with the latest update of roon. Restarting and completely reinstalling roon do not solve the issue.

Please check your firewall settings:

There are no network devices attempting to access roon. No remotes, no nodes, no external devices. Only a local usb connection as was stated in the OP.

The firewall also hasnt had any updates since roon was working and roon can still access streaming services. The Audio settings page simply never loads.

Roon doesn’t care about that. The Roon software is split into different components that use the network stack to communicate. If your local firewall blocks those connections, Roon doesn’t work.

Firewall settings may get reset sometimes on Windows updates. Also as the recommended way to setup the firewall in Windows is file-based, a Roon update (changing files) may break the firewall integration.

Issues related to missing audio devices are often a sign of the firewall blocking RAATServer. I don’t claim that this is the only possibility but it is the most common. It would be helpful if you could just check that all your Roon related firewall settings are as expected and confirm that.


Due to being a work computer i dont have the ability to change firewall settings. Tbh the idea that a purely local usecase requires network passthrough back to the same computer is just bad design. I guess ill just try downgrading from arc. If that doesnt work guess im glad i didnt buy life time subscription since arc broke the software for me :woman_shrugging:

Hi @Joe_Earl,

I’m sorry to hear you were having issues with Roon 2.0 on your work PC. Do you have any other alternatives for a Roon core that wouldn’t have some of the limitations of a work PC? Can the community or I offer any advice in that realm?

Are you back up and running on 1.8?


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