Roon won't connect to Nucleus+

Core Machine

Network Details

Ethernet through a Luxul switch and then an Uptone Audio EtherREGEN ethernet/optical switch connected to a Sonore Signature Rendu Optical streamer.

Audio Devices

All devices are ethernet connected. I have the Nucleus+, the Uptone Audio EtherRegen switch.

Library Size

My library is about 54,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Everything has been working perfectly for months until today. As of today, Roon cannot find the Nucleus+, so nothing works. My network is fine, everything else works, but the Nucleus+ can scan my library and yet won’t connect to my core. This came out of nowhere, so I am wondering if something is wrong with my Nucleus.

I remember having to restart/turn off Nucleus once or twice to get it work. Maybe check Nucleus web interface. I’ve also had a switch stop working at one point, so might have to problem solve those if restart doesn’t work.

Hello @Louis_Berkman

Are you able to connect to the Nucleus Web Administration Interface? If so, do you see any errors here? Can you try giving the Nucleus a reboot?

No. I am going to try a different switch and see if this is the problem.

It turns out my Uptone Audio Ether Regen switch died, proving once again that cost is no indicator of reliability. I am glad I saved my Trendnet switch.

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