Roon wont download Tidal Library

Tidal Library

Roon says it is connected to Tidal, but it wont download library or play any Tidal content. Is there a basic setting I am missing?

Tidal playback error

Is this the Tidal free tier?
This will not play through Roon.
If not then there is some account error as it says no streaming formats available.

No, the only thing I can guess is I use a different email for Tidal, but it says it is connected.

Best to try signing out then sign back in using the “different” email.
One thing to note is that now when signing into Tidal via Roon it should take you to a web page to confirm sign in.

Yeah, it brings me to the Tidal page and then right back to Roon after I sign in. It says I’m signed in, just as before.

I hit the sync library and it completes in 1 second, but it does not update.

I found it. It was an old login for Tidal, yahoo instead of gmail. I must have had an old account.
Thanks for your help.

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Yes it’s fairly common to accidentally use an old out of date email address.
Done it myself :relaxed:

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