Roon wont launch on Mac Mini Mid 2010

I am on the trial version running El Capitan 10.11.4. When attempting to launch it wont open. I do see it active on activity monitor. Where do I go from there?
It opens quickly on my Mc Book Pro Mid 2012 with El Capitan.
Any help appreciated

Hey @Carlos_Morales – start by trying some of the fixes here:

If you’re still stuck, let @vova and I know, and we’ll take another look.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!

Should have mentioned that I tried those already

Hello @Carlos_Morales,

Can you try these steps:

  1. Reboot your laptop (make sure that Roon process isn’t running via Activity Monitor)
  2. Launch Terminal
  3. Paste this command /Applications/
  4. Press Enter
  5. If Roon won’t launch, Terminal will printout some sort of error code - paste it here and we’ll look


Here is the message:

Last login: Tue Apr 26 17:37:48 on ttys000
USers-Mac-mini:~ user$ /Applications/
-bash: /Applications/ No such file or directory
USers-Mac-mini:~ user$

What did you install Roon or RoonServer ? Where did you store the package: in the Application folder or somewhere else? Did you rename Roon package?

Hi, I initially downloaded Roon but that didnt work so i sent it to Trash and downloaded Roon Server upon further reading. I dragged it into Applications when it downloaded. I did not rename it.

Hi @Carlos_Morales – Roon Server is headless, meaning there is no interface and the app just runs as a process on your computer, like a server.

In your screenshot, you can see that Roon Server is running because the Roon logo appears in the menu bar.

Now that you have Roon Server running, you just need to install Roon somewhere to configure your setup and pick music to play. You can do this on an Android or iOS device, or on a different Windows or Mac computer.

You can install Roon on the same Mac as you’ve installed Roon Server. In that scenario, Roon will always be available as a server, meaning you can always grab your phone and play to your speakers, whether Roon is open or not. Just keep in mind that the because the server runs in the background, the music will keep playing even when you close the Roon interface.

Let me know if that helps @Carlos_Morales. Thanks!