Roon won't pick up certain discs

I have just loaded three Apocalyptica cd’s into my library and am having a problem. They are in my library, but Roon only sees one album. All the library albums play fine in Foobar 2000. The Three Apocalyptica albums are:

  1. Plays Metallica by four cellos - Roon sees this.
  2. Worlds Collide - Roon DOESN’T see this
  3. 7th Symphony - Roon DOESN’t see this

Any idea as to why? This is the first time this has happened. I am running Roon on a Nucleus+.


I don’t happen to have any of those albums in my library but I do use Tidal so I did a search and found both albums.

For Worlds Collide Tidal shows 2 11 track albums

For 7th Symphony Tidal shows 3 albums, a 10 track, an 11 track and a 12 track deluxe version

Assuming your ripped versions match one of the Tidal versions I would think they would have been identified unless there was a problem with the individual files names for the album tracks.


Hi @Louis_Berkman,

Are these files by any chance showing up under Skipped Files in Roon? Are all of these albums located in the same storage location?

– Noris

They are not showing up under skipped files. They are all in the same folder on my NAS. 7th Symphony is the 12 cut version.

I don’t know why, but they now show up inn Roon. I guess it took some time for Roon to upload the file information.

Thanks for letting us know @Louis_Berkman!
Seems like they were still being analyzed but glad that they showed up in the end.

– Noris

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