ROON won't play AAC files


ROON CORE Version 1.8 (Build 764)

Cannot play AAC files (Radio, local or TIDAL)

Any help appreciated

Have you the latest Roon app update on your QNAP? This has been an ongoing issue

Thanks Ill check…

Please read this thread as you need to install the modified Roon QNAP qpkg to get AAC to work.

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I’m upto date on the server (01-02-2021).

I updated it anyway to see if it made any difference but unfortunately not.

I had seen that thread but hadn’t realised that it would apply to QTS 4.5.2.

QNAP will no longer support ffmpeg so anyone who uses a QNAP Roon Core will have to use this method if they want support for AAC. You will need to install ffmeg the way Chris has described.

Thanks, I’m afraid I don’t really understand what’s going on in the video and I couldn’t see any instructions. Is there any associated assistance with this or is there anyway someone from ROON could guide me through this process?

I took a photo of my Roon on Windows

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Thanks for your assistance, now up and running again.

Kindest regards


Good to hear we have you up and running again, hope the PMs were useful.

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