Roon wont play on Remote Devices + stops playing after one song

Roon 1.8 – HP Envy Laptop – MS Windows 10

On WiFi

Multiple Audio Devices:

  • Roon Core Laptop Output (working fine)
  • AVR (working fine)
  • Android Phone – no playpack. I have enabled it but when I select it the play button greys out and I am not able to press it.
  • Other Laptops (HP / Lenovo Thinkpad) - Installed Roon – they work well as remote but there is no playback.

Other Issues:

  • around 50% of the times, when a song ends the next song doesn’t play on its own. I have to manually play it. At times, it plays.

Is it with your own tracks, or is it from a Music service(Tidal,Qbuz etc) ? There can be a restriction from the Music Service, if you do not have a multible user subscription. This causes this kind of behavoir.

Hey @Lubin_Arora,

A belated welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I’m very sorry it took us this long to get back to you. Is @Michael_Callesen’s insight applicable to your situation?

We’d love to help if you still need us :pray:

It was sorted. thanks for the help

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