Roon won't play via Sonos

Roon Core Machine

Dell XPS 8950

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link AX 1800

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Connect by Wi-fi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’m in the trial period. Roon was connecting to Sonos OK till yesterday when I replaced my ageing router with a new one. Sonos and Tidal are now working OK and Roon can play on my PC speakers but will not play on Sonos. The Sonos Connect appears in the Audio section but when I press play nothing happens. Perhaps Roon is trying play on Sonos via the old network? How to fix this?

I would try to deactivate the Sonos device(s) in Roon audio settings. Then close Roon remote, restart the Roon core and try if the device(s) show up in Roon audio settings and can be activated. Perhaps they got a new DHCP address from the new router and Roon still tries to grab them using the old one.

I had the same behaviour today after replacing a switch on my network. My core needed two restarts to realize the new IP addresses of my two Sonos devices.

Thanks for your suggestion. I just tried it and unfortunately I still can’t connect to Sonos via Roon (it’s working OK independently of Roon). I’ve also tried re-installing Roon while retaining my data. I’m now wondering if I should do a complete re-install without retaining data?

@Charles_Taylor very sorry to hear that. Perhaps @support should have a look at this issue.

@Charles_Taylor perhaps a stupid question, but did you disconnect the Sonos from the mains, waited a while and then reconnected?

Yes, I did. I’ll try it again just in case.
I also uninstalled and re-installed Roon Remote on my phone, but this has caused another problem: Roon Remote is searching for the Core but can’t find it.
How do i get @support to look at this?

They are tagged here and will get back to you here in this thread, hopefully soon.

Thanks! I’m almost giving up but not quite yet.

Sonos is a bit tricky and not always (at least in my case) reliable with Roon. @Michael_Harris perhaps you have another idea for Charles?

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Hi @Charles_Taylor can you explain your Sonos and Roon setup and what make and model your Router is?
There are some routers that need network settings changes for Roon to work well

Are they on the same network (have the same IP range)

Are any of your Sonos device’s plugged in to Ethernet or all on WiFi as you mentioned?

There is a defined network setup for Roon, which recommends Ethernet, although all my Sonos besides the Boost are wireless and it works great on the last few versions

Roon and Sonos can work well together, but they can also be a challenge to get working perfectly for some

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The router is a TP-Link AX1800. It’s new and works really well Tidal and Plex independently of Roon

The Roon App is on my PC, which is upstairs in the office and connected to the network by wi-fi. The router is downstairs connected by ethernet cable to a Virgin modem. My Sonos Connect is connected by cable to the router, and also to my amplifier. Other Sonos speakers are connected by wi-fi. I have a Sonos Boost which is connected by cable.

My music is on a Synology HDD, also connected to the router by ethernet cable.

Everything is on the same network.

Thanks Charles for explaining that.
I am just a user like @UliR, but support will tell you that the Roon Core needs to be connected via Ethernet for reliability of traffic, as Roon has quite heavy traffic requirements.

You probably need to try your Core plugged into Ethernet, even if just for testing purposes to start

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