Roon won't recognize any wifi audio devices

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2020, 16 gb ram, 12.6 Monterey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ATT Ariss Router

Connected Audio Devices

2 Bluesound nodes
Multiple airplay and Sonos devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

New to Roon (just paid yearly fee). Was able to get Roon Arc working via this forum, and during my trial all of my audio devices are working. On the same day my trial ended, Roon stopped recognizing any of my audio devices outside of the hardwired options to the Mac Mini. No sonos, no bluesound, no airplay. All devices are working through their native apps. Any suggestions? I’ve deleted and reinstalled Roon, reset router, restarted network, restarted computer.

@Brooks_Vaughan, sorry to hear about your connection issues. Just a fellow user here, but want to see if the community can assist until Roon staff return after the weekend.

Is your Core and all of your endpoints running on the same version of Roon? Since you note that ARC was working, I assume they are all on Roon 2.0? Has any configuration on your Mac mini Core changed? Are there any changes to your WiFi network (which I assume you are using for the Sonos, Bluesound, and AirPlay devices)?

Can you post a screenshot of what you see in Settings → Audio?

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It is now recognizing one of my Bluesound nodes, but not the other. Still no recognition of probably 8 Sonos devices, and 5-6 airplay devices. I am on Roon 2.0. Everything continues to work perfectly in native apps (Sonos and Bluesound). thanks for the help.

Welcome @Brooks_Vaughan, are you certain that there were no network changes that coincided with the Trial to Yearly subscription change? In my own experience, devices tend to disappear when they are on a different subnet to the Roon Core.

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As @Brian_Murphy3 notes, how is your network configured? I see what appears to be a Node on a 192.1682.1.xx subnet, but the Mac mini is on a different network subnet.

It is now seeing my Bluesound nodes after unplugging them and reconnecting them to my network. I’ll head over to the “not recognizing Sonos” for. help with that. Thanks!

May be useful to reboot all of your Sonos, Bluesound, and AirPlay devices. Please keep us updated.

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