Roon won't stay connected to my Native Instruments Audio 8 sound card

Happened again at 3:45pm. Song Farewell House / Tuff City Kids.

What it seems to do is abruptly end the previous song and then start the new one with no audio. Then I press stop (as the song is still playing) and then play again and the audio comes back.

4:02pm / Playing Tricks (Hector Moralez Remix) / Derrick Carter, Nick Garcia

Did you get a chance to see all the disconnects? What are the next steps. Thanks.

Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

Apologies for the delay, it took a bit longer for your case to reach my queue this time around.

I have enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action should have done is automatically upload a log set to our servers for analysis, however I’m not seeing this report as being delivered yet.

Can I please ask that you manually send me a copy of your Roon Core logs by using these instructions? If you don’t have Dropbox / Google Drive / ect. to perform the file transfer, just let me know and I can provide alternate means.


Sorry for the delay. Here is the file link:

Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

It looks like I cannot access the link without permission, so I have requested approval. One other thought in the meantime, if you disable “Exclusive Mode” in Device Setup, is the behavior the same? You can access device setup by going to Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel next to zone.

Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

Was there any change in behavior if you try to disable Exclusive Mode in Roon?

There is no difference in the behaviour from exclusive mode on or off.

Hello. Are you still working on this issue or are we counting it as unsolvable?

Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

Thanks for reaching out again! Yes, we are still working on this issue. I can confirm that the logs have been received and I have escalated your case to our QA team for closer inspection. Once I have their feedback, I’ll reach out again, thanks!


I know I am waiting to hear back with a solution from your end but are you able to extend the trial as we wait for that?



Hey @Marc_Gerrard,

Thanks for bringing this up! Please, check your email for our response.

Happy weekend,

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Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

I spoke to the team regarding this issue and they suggested that we try to increase the buffer size via the Device Setup tab to see if this helps, can you please give both of the buffer size toggles a try?

That didn’t work either. Lets just close this topic as I don’t think we are actually working to a solution but more going around in circles. I have a cheaper soundcard (half the price) that seems to work fine. Not my first choice but whatever. The main issue I have is my playlists from iTunes not showing. That one I definitely need solving. Thanks anyway on this one.

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