Roon + Yamaha AG06

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 PC

Connected Audio Devices

Motu M4

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue


I bought Roon for my Windows 11 PC into my living room in combination with a Motu M4 + Qobuz and it sounds great.

I wanted the same pleasure into my office where I have a PC Windows 8.1 Professional and a Yamaha AG06 as audio interface. Unfortunately, when I tried to install Roon, an error message appeared

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Maybe check the OpenGL version. Windows 8.1 is fairly aged, it needs 3.0 or better. @Jim_F ref will confirm. I a.m not sure Roon officially supports other than 10 & 11

Otherwise make sure the video card drivers are up to date

OK, I see its ruined. Thank you all for your help

I have tried all what you considered without success.

Hi @Jean-Michel_Elbo,

I see your office PC is running WIndows 8, that’s the issue as Roon 2.0 requires Windows 10 or 11, see this post extract below.

(deleted, I posted the official requirements page already :slight_smile: )

Thanks Carl, this is clear. Too bad for me :sob:.

Time to update anyway:

Thank you to all contributors for your help. Now, I know exactly what happens… and what to do.

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