RoonAppliance process memory use (Linux) [Resolved]

Using build 234, I’m seeing memory use of 2.8GB after 9 days of uptime. Is this normal?

After startup, memory use is around half that.

80k library, no DSP etc.

Hi @anon55914447 ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. The insight is always appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please provide me with the specs of the device hosting your Roon core, the Linux distribution you’re using, and also a set of Roon logs via a dropbox download link so we can have a closer look into this behavior.


Hi Eric

It’s running on a QNAP TS-451 (Celeron), 8GB RAM
Cuurent logs have been shared.

Let me know if email address is incorrect.

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Hi Mark (@anon55914447) ----- Thank you for the follow up, confirming that the RoonServer logs have been received and are in my queue to evaluated by a member of our tech staff.

Once my report has been updated, I will be sure to reach back out with the team’s thoughts/findings.


Hi @anon55914447 ---- Thank you for your patience here while our team has been looking into this behavior for you.

I wanted to touch base to see how things have been holding up and if any new progress or observations have been made since we last spoke. Are you still noticing this behavior after this most recent build?

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Hi Eric, I’ll monitor RAM use and report back in around 48 hours.

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Awesome, thanks Mark (@anon55914447)!


Hi Eric

RAM use seems to have settled at 2.1GB, which is about midway between the last build and two or three builds back.

@Eric there is still something going on with Roon RAM use on my QNAP NAS.

I went away for a couple of days, then:

Hi, @anon55914447, thanks for the report! May I kindly ask you to send us the latest logs from your Core machine, please? We’ll try to investigate your problem further. Thanks!


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Hi Ivan. Emailed to what I assume should be the correct address. Let me know if you don’t get them.


Sorry for inconvenience here, but could you lease upload the logs here using the the username and password I have provided. Please be sure to include your Roon username in the package title and to let us know when the transfer has completed. Thanks!


OK done. :slight_smile:

Hello @anon55914447,

Wanted to let you know that we didn’t forget about your complaint. We did an exhausted analysis of your logs and tried various scenarios which could likely cause the memory leak, but, unfortunately didn’t succeed in reproduction of the problem in house.
Our current theory is that squeezebox integration can be related to the mem leak. But before spending your time on troublshooting procedures, I’d like to re-confirm that the issue is still present and can be reproduced, since within last two months we’ve improved the app in many different ways and those changes could influence the behaviour.


Hi @vova thanks for checking in. I was experiencing the same problem in the last two builds. I can’t give you any feedback on the very latest build yet as it hasn’t been running long enough.

I’ll update this thread in a week or so.

Hi @vova, this build looks to have squashed the bug, so I’m happy for you to close down my support ticket :).

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