RoonARC downloaded over cellular despite being set to "download on Wi-Fi only" [Ticket In]

I think I found a major bug in Roon ARC.

I have it set to “download on WiFi only”.

Today, I told it to download two of my favorite playlists, about 600 songs in total. I was home on Wi-Fi, so it began. After about 15 minutes, I left the house. Roon ARC DID NOT STOP THE DOWNLOAD WHEN WI-FI DISAPPEARED. It continued over cellular, burned my entire monthly 20GB of data and 4GB more. Now I have $60 in overage fees already showing for the month and no data left for 25 days, unless I opt to buy more at ludicrous prices.

BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOWNLOADING CONTENT WITH ROON ARC. The “WiFi only” feature does not work properly.

@Belgian_Genius I just tested it. No download on LTE.

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I can’t replicate this either.
Stepping out of wifi pauses downloads.

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@Belgian_Genius , same here. Just walked down the street changing from WiFi to LTE and got the same message as @Placebophile .

Here is what I see at my end.

At least 15GB of the Roon data usage happened in less than 2 hours today.

Are you using an Android VPN? That could maintain the same public IP address despite the network change from Wi-Fi to cellular.


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Hi Andrew,

No, I’m not using a VPN.


I noticed the same issue, kind of found out the same way, although I have unlmited data I get a warning when I hit 20gb. I’ve noticed on mine if I start a download on wifi it will continue if I drop wifi and go to 5g/LTE, however if i try to start a download on cellular it will not download.

I’ve moved this topic to #support and notified Roon @support team so they can investigate.
Are you able to share approximate what date/time this happened.

Hi @Belgian_Genius,

Can you please tell me what mobile device you have? We are currently looking into this and have an active ticket for investigation.



I think this happened on Sunday, October 25, around 3PM EDT. It’s possible it happened the day before on Saturday.

My phone is a Sony Xperia 1 ii.