RoonBridge not shown

Core Machine:
MacMini i5 8GB Mojave RoonServer 1.6

Both MacMinis are connected to a LAN network. The hometheatre MacMini is connected via HDMI to a Denon AVR-X7200W.

I run RoonServer on a MacMini i5 (see above). This works fine and drives our Kii active speakers and several Sonos players.

I have a second MacMini in a hometheatre setup where it is connected to a projector and a surround receiver. On this MacMini I have installed RoonBridge version 1 (build 169). However, I cannot setup the Bridge (status: Running) because it is not listed by Roon under Settings > Audio > Networked.

I have restarted both the core MacMini and the hometheatre one, to no avail. I have also uninstalled RoonBridge and reinstalled it.

I compared Roon Settings Audio screens on several of my Macs and noticed some discrepancies that might be relevant in this context.

On the Roon Settings Audio screen of the hometheatre MacMini under “Connected to this Mac” it gives the settings for Core MacMini. Under Networked I can only see the Sonos players.

On my iMac under “Connected to this Mac” it actually lists the System Output and Built-in Output of the iMac and on the Core MacMini under “Connected to this Mac” it gives the appropriate settings for the Core MacMini (i.e. the same ones as on the home theatre MacMini).

Is this expected behaviour?

PS. The home theatre MacMini used to be the Roon core but I uninstalled both the Roon Server as well as the client software first.

Hi @Luke23,

Did you use Apple’s Migration Assistant or any other backup software to clone one of the Mac Mini’s to the other?

I was about to mark this as solved. Yes I did use TimeMachine to restore the backup of another late 2012 MacMini. I tried everything to get it working, to no avail. I checked the network and a Raspberry with Roon Bridge on it was recognised at the same location without a problem. I reinstalled several times. In utter desperation I decided to wipe the harddisk and reinstall Mojave from scratch and low and behold Roon Bridge was immediately picked up.

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