Roonbridge plays ONLY to internal speakers MacOS

I’m using Roonbridge on a MacBook Pro and have an external (Schiit Fulla2) DAC/AMP into which the headphones are connected.

RB ignores the selected output (irrespective of what I choose) and drives the internal speakers. How can I direct RB to drive the output I want?


A screenshot of your audio settings would be useful


That is on your Mac I think. You need to show the audio settings from roon core

Yes, likely Graham is using the os mixer output, and needs to enable/select his DAC as the output in Roon.

Hi @Graham_Bird — Thanks for sharing your report!

May I kindly ask for you to verify the following:

  • Has this worked before, or have you always experienced this behavior?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Audio settings in Roon? (Settings > Audio)
  • Have you tried rebooting your Core machine, RoonBridge machine, and networking hardware?


Thanks folks, solved.

I would observe that I had not tried to switch outputs on the Macbook before, “it just worked” out of the box. Normal behaviour is to switch on the Macbook, so Roon’s approach is a little unusual - it just didn’t occur to me to switch outputs on the Core machine.

It’s just a mindset thing, once you know it seems obvious. There is little (no?) documentation that helped me get to a solution that I can find in the FAQ (many of the links in previous articles are broken) or on Roonbridge docs.

As soon as I enabled Full in the Core it worked. It is excellent :-))

Thanks again all.

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Next time, take the Roon Knowledge Base as your starting point. There’s a few stray links to the old FAQs left on the forums, but all content is migrated to the KB.

Or just ask away on the forums – there’s lots of good folks around.

Can you point me at WHERE in the KB the answer to my problem is, I couldn’t find anything?

And the search functions didn’t pull up anything either, though I can’t remember the exact term I used.

A simple reminder in a ‘help’ dropdown in RB could be a big timesaver :slight_smile: And whilst the forums are great, they shouldn’t have to be the ‘first resort’ for a challenge.


This section in the User Guide is probably as good a place to start as any…

I suspect that you may be thinking that Roon Bridge has a user interface. It doesn’t; it’s plumbing. Everything is controlled via the main Roon Settings… In particular, this sentence is supposed to indicate that the settings apply to the whole Roon installation, not just the machine where the Core is installed:

Inside the Audio tab, you’ll be presented with a list of audio output devices, grouped by type, and in some cases, by which computer or device they are connected to:

@Geoff_Coupe, understood. NOW. My point, perhaps poorly made, is:

It wasn’t clear that each device within the Macbook needs to be individually configured, rather than the computer as a whole: that is an unusual model and worthy of emphasis. RB worked fine (as it had for many months on my MB). It just wouldn’t switch to the new device. My point, again, is that this is such an unusual approach that it is non-obvious - until one has been bitten by it. And when one searches for a symptom ‘RB won’t play on device’ nothing comes up.

Again, it sort of requires the knowledge that one has as a result of a fix, but before searching. :slight_smile:

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